Operations and Administration

The State Rural Water Supply and Sanitation (RUWASSA) was formerly known as Water and Sanitation (WATSAN) project domicile in the Executive Governor’s office and under the chairmanship of Chief of Staff. The Agency is headed by the General Manager and has six (6) functional departments. The departments are:

Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation Department

This unit is responsible for the following:

  • Pre-intervention survey/data collection on population served including sources of water supply and sanitation facilities;
  • Chemical and bacteriological analysis of all water points;
  • Computerization of drilling operations and latrine construction (Rig Information Management System – RIMS and Sanitation Information Management System – SIMS);
  • GPS/GIS (Global Positioning System/Geographic Information System) Mapping of all the boreholes/latrines constructed by OYO RUWASSA.

Community Mobilization/Hygiene Promotion Unit

  • The unit is involved in the mobilization and enlightenment of communities on WATSAN activities so as to reduce the “government owned” syndrome thereby, having sustainable programme. Furthermore, the unit also encourages maintenance culture for infrastructures provided by the OYO RUWASSA;
  • Training of Local Government personnel/communities in Hygiene Education and Eradication of guinea worm diseases.

Sanitation Department

  • The unit is responsible for the construction of Communal/VIP/Sanplat latrines;
  • Establishment of manufacturing of slab-centre (Sani-centres), precast slabs etc;
  • Training of community artisans in the construction of latrines and waste management

Water Resources Development

The unit is involved in the following:

  • Reconnaissance and geophysical survey of proposed water points;
  • Borehole drilling operation;
  • Platform construction;
  • Hand-pump/Submersible pump installation.
  • The unit also gives technical assistance to Local Governments and communities in the areas of borehole rehabilitation and maintenance, alternative to boreholes e.g. construction of hand-dug wells, spring development, surface water impoundment, development of rain harvesting systems.

Facility and Workshop Maintenance Department

  • The unit does the maintenance of heavy and light equipment;
  • Installation of workshop equipment;
  • Repair and maintenance of hand-pumps, and
  • Fabrication of spare parts by the use of lathe machine and other complementary machines

Administration, Finance and Store Department

  • This unit is responsible for the general administration of the Project, liaises with the UNICEF, UNDP, GLOBAL 2000, NGOs, Local Governments for the implementation of WATSAN Programme;
  • Collaborates with other Water Agencies/State Water Corporation/Department of Rural Development etc so as to avoid duplication of efforts;
  • Liaises with the State Guinea worm Eradication Task Force in the eradication of guinea worm disease in the Sate;
  • Ensures prudent financial and material management of the State OYO RUWASSA


  • There shall be appointed from among the career officers a General Manager for the Agency. A person to be appointed as the General Manager shall possess qualifications with basis in Water Resources, Engineering, Hydro-Geosciences or any similar qualifications with knowledge and experience in rural water supply and sanitation technology.
  • The General Manager shall be appointed by the Governor upon the recommendation of the Head of Service.
  • The General Manager shall be the Chief Executive Officer of the Agency who shall execute the policies and decisions of the agency and run its day to day activities.
  • The General Manager shall also be the Secretary of the Steering Committee.